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Privacy Policy

at we pride ourselves on our commitment to preserve the privacy of our visitors. Here is how we do it.

Data protection legislation

An act called the 'Data Protection Act' was passed in 1998. This lays down the obligations of companies in the United Kingdom to protect and respect data that they hold about people. We ensure at all times that we are fully compliant with this act. A recent addition is the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 which we also comply with.

Our use of cookies

It is permissible in the UK and throughout Europe to use cookies (which are small text files, which are transferred to your computer, tablet or mobile phone) in order to assist with the running of a website. A cookie can perform functions such as welcoming you by name, and remembering your login codes.

However, cookies can also be used to store personal information. In this case your express permission is required under UK and EU law.

At present our website does not use cookies at all. Should we do so in the future they will not be used for information gathering, and our policy regarding them will be displayed on this webpage.

Information we collect

Our website does in fact have very little information about any of our visitors. As is common in the industry we have access to log files which give us information such as the number of visitors that our site receives, the time they spend on each page, the type of devices they are using to access our webpage, Internet protocol (IP) addresses that they have been assigned by their service providers, and several other minor items of information. None of these can be used to either identify the visitor, or the specific device that this person is using.

How we store this information

This information is stored on our web servers, which are protected by industry standard security systems.

How we share data

We do not share, sell or transfer in any way, any information that we receive about our visitors with any other business.

Links on our website

We do link out to other websites in order to to provide our visitors with access to products or services they may be interested in. Once visitors have clicked on one of these links, they leave our website and are transferred to another, which belongs to a different company entirely. Any information that is provided by our visitors to these different companies is completely inaccessible by us. These companies are not bound by our privacy policy, and you should check them to make sure that they match with your wishes.

Disclosure of information

We will only disclose the limited information we have about our visitors to any other person if we are specifically required to do so under UK law.

Getting in touch with you

We can only contact you if you first of all contact us directly, either by telephone, post, e-mail or contact form. If you do get in touch with us we will keep a record of our communication, solely for the purpose of answering your queries. If you ask us to delete your contact details we will be delighted to do so as soon as possible.

Accessing your data

Under the Data Protection Act you have a legal entitlement to request a copy of any data that any company holds about you on a computer. If any of this data is incorrect you have a right to insist on any errors being rectified. The company which holds the data is entitled to make a reasonable charge for providing you with this information. If you wish to know what data we hold about you please get in touch by using our contacts page, and we will provide you with it as soon as we can.

Deleting your data

If you wish us to do so, we will delete any information that we hold about you on our computer systems. We will of course ask for proof that you are the person whose data is being treated in this way.

Changes to this policy

New legislation about security of data and individual privacy is coming along regularly. This means that we will update this privacy policy to reflect any changes in legislation. You should therefore visit this page regularly to check that it complies with your requirements.

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