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Has your car or van been towed away? Speed is essential if you are not to lose it completely and you'll need to produce proof that it's insured before you'll be allowed to drive it away.
Why you should only deal with an authorised broker
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Your call will be dealt with by specialist brokers Alternative Propositions Limited who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You can check their listing at the FCA website; their number is 602443. This means that they have systems in place to make sure that you are dealt with honestly, transparently and fairly. Their friendly staff will give you every assistance to make sure that the policy you buy is one that will be acceptable to the authorities, and they will follow up to make sure that you have not had any problems with it.
What type of policy is available?
There are two types of policy you can use. One is a short term policy. Standard 1-28 days cover won't be accepted, but the majority of pounds do accept one that lasts a minimum of 30 days. These are available with third party cover only, which is sufficient to comply with the law. Alternatively, if you intend to keep the car, you can use a full year's policy; the problem is that most insurers simply refuse to cover the driver of a vehicle in a pound. Fortunately there are a few with a more enlightened attitude and if you ring the above number you should be able to get quotes for either a normal 12 month policy (which could be comprehensive or third party fire and theft) or a thirty day (third party only) one. You could probably arrange to pay the annual policy on a monthly payments basis over twelve months too, which may help with your budgeting.
How to get your locked-up car back
You should, if possible, collect the vehicle yourself; you can if necessary try get a friend to do it for you but it involves more hassle (see the details below) and it is likely that your friend would have a great deal of difficulty in proving insurance cover. You'll need to go to the pound taking with you the insurance certificate; MOT certificate; the 'producer' certificate that you were issued with when the car was taken from you; proof of ownership (which usually means the logbook); and some ID which includes a photo. Student cards and other non-official forms of ID will not be accepted but a passport, photo driving licence, EU national identity card, immigration document or Freedom Pass should be OK. If you haven't got an MOT you should get a confirmed appointment for a test, bring along written evidence of the appointment and take the vehicle straight to the test centre as soon as you've collected it. The vehicle will usually have to be taxed and you may have to be able to prove that; alternatively you may need to pay a deposit, with is £160 at present for a car or motorcycle, or anything up to about £700 for a van. You will also need to take some cash or a credit/debit card with you to pay the towing and stowage fees. It is best to ring the pound (the number will be on the back of the INF32 leaflet you were given) before you go to check on just how much these will cost.
Having the car collected by a friend.
Your friend will need to take along all the items listed above, plus an authority letter from you and a copy of your passport or driving licence in order to authenticate your signature. Please bear in mind that it is highly likely that your friend's normal insurance policy will not be acceptable even if it covers vehicles not belonging to him or her, since it is pretty well inevitable that recovering seized cars is specifically excluded. Please bear in mind, also, that a 'seized car' policy cannot be provided for a friend; only the registered keeper can get one.
In conclusion ...
If you cannot get the vehicle out of the pound within 14 days it is likely to be sold or crushed for scrap. Not only will you receive nothing for it but you are also likely to receive a bill for the vehicle's disposal. You will still of course be liable for the towing costs and the storage charge, which increases day by day. It is therefore vital that you move quickly if you wish to save your car or van. There is no point in trying to get insurance via a price comparison site because none of the insurers on them are likely to cover a confiscated vehicle but if you ring the number below and speak to one of the friendly people there they should be able to find you the right insurer.
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